Sir-Vay-Lance 2.0 (2018)

Sir-Vay-Lance 2.0 is the modified version the 2017 competition aircraft system, Sir-Vay-Lance. Though it shares similar exterior features as the previous design, SVL 2.0 packs a punch with upgraded internal systems. The image recognition hardware is revamped with Sony a6000 high definition camera and a 3D-printed carbon-nylon gimbal structure. Due to the change in physical constraints, the image recognition hardware is moved to the posterior compartment of the fuselage, which ultimately resulted in the redesign of the nosecone. Also, the air delivery is upgraded with a lightweight, 3D-printed PLA hardware with a simple drop mechanism. With SVL 2.0, UAV Austin received 6 th overall rank at the 2018 AUVSI SUAS Competition, which is the organization’s record placement. Technical Paper.

Sir-Vay-Lance 1.0 (2017)

Sir-Vay-Lance is a pusher configuration aircraft system. It has a fuselage length of 42.5 inches and an effective wingspan of 102.25 inches. The design gives a large amount of space to add components in, which in turn allows for the center of mass to be adjusted as needed. Additionally, the large space allows for easy accessibility to internal components, allowing them to be swapped when necessary with minimal effort. The main body consists of lightweight materials including a plywood fuselage frame with balsa paneling, carbon fiber beams supporting a rear H-wing configuration, and a MonoKote skin to provide an aerodynamic outer coating. Technical Paper.

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